ECO Term Mappings to GO Evidence Codes

Many contributors to the Gene Ontology annotation repository use native ECO terms in-house for their annotations. However, in order to submit annotations to the GO, these ECO term annotations must be mapped to GO evidence codes. In order to facilitate this process, we provide two files:

gaf-eco-mapping.txt provides mappings of GO evidence codes, or particular combinations of GO evidence codes and “GO_references" (citable abstracts describing scientific methods), to ECO term ids. These are meant to be equivalence mappings.

gaf-eco-mapping-derived.txt provides mappings of the more granular ECO terms to the GO evidence codes. This file allows anyone who uses the full ECO vocabulary to be able to convert their evidence information to a format required by the GO and associated tools.

If you have any questions or concerns about these files, please let us know through the ECO tracker:

ECO-CollecTF Manual Curation Corpus

ECO-CollecTF is a freely available biomedical corpus of 84 documents curated by CollecTF. The corpus is provided in two standard formats, Brat and BioC, and is available by clicking below. It captures high-quality, evidence-based statements (sentences from the 84 documents) annotated with Evidence and Conclusion Ontology terms. The corpus also includes curator quality assessments of the annotations. More information about the corpus can be found in the project publication.

ECO-SRI Evidence Mapping

SRI International (formerly Stanford Research Institute) maintains an evidence system used for their work. At the request of an ECO user, we created a mapping between ECO and the SRI system.